Saturday, September 1, 2012

Graphics Design - The Birds

Another piece I just finished..."The Birds"

Music Delight

This is a piece I created in my Graphic Design course.  It was part of my final.  I have 20 more weeks before I graduate.  I started in January 2012 and will finish in Feb. 2013. 
I will post more of my creations. 

Paris, France Special Moments

 A wonderful assortment of buttons found in a tiny store in Paris.
 We were sitting in a restaurant in Paris and seeing this peaceful setting...I just had to take a picture.
 Same tiny sewing shop in Paris.  I loved all the color threads.
A flower market in Paris.  Flowers everywhere.

Lamps From Europe

I have a fascination with building lamps, windows, doors and door knockers.  Well, let's just say I love to photograph just about everything that catches my eye. 

Butterflies Are Free

I love taking pictures and butterflies are some of my favorite photos.
These were taken in Montreal, Quebec....Enjoy!