Monday, September 5, 2011

August 20, 2011

I can't say enough about Monaco or Nice

The Monte Carlo Casino - This is where they filmed the James Bond movie Casino Royal.

Coming into Monaco Harbor - OMG! Full of mega yachts. Frank was in haven. He took over 100 pics. He was on his glory.

Nice, France.....Old town

The flower market which they set-up early morning and take everything down by noon to e to set-up table and chairs for lunch and dinner. Everything is orchestrated to perfection. Flower market out and lunch tables in....

You can see from this picture how close the buildings are together. Sometimes only a baby stroller would fit.

This is a church second largest to Saint Petersburg in Russia.

Of course, we had to try the pastries.

There were sunflowers growing every where.

Location:Monaco - Nice, France

Crusing Europe

After being up for nearly 24 hours we finally made it to Barcelona In one piece. Even our luggage arrived which is always a concern. The airport was a work of art in itself and could not wait to go exploring the city of Barcelona. The floors were made of shiny black marble it felt like you were walking on water. Very strange feeling. We stayed at The Barcelona Universal. After a good night rest we headed out by the underground Metro and our first stop was "La Sagrada Familia". It was amazing to see how many people that were waiting to visit the church. The line was wrapped around the block in the blistering sun but it was worth the wait. I can only say it brought tears to my eyes. It was magnificent! The ongoing architectural structure that has been going on since the 1900's is an absolute wonder. Every facet of the structure represented some part of nature in one way or the other. I could have stayed there all day and seen every corner of the cathedral.

Antonoio Gaudi designed the church 1883. Unfinished after a century, with massive spires lacks completed walls and a roof. To this day it continues to be worked on. It is a work of art. he truly was a visionary.

This is just a sample of pictures that we took.

We also went to the Park Guell.....Beautiful mosaic.....

Pictures from other areas we visited in Barcelona. The buildings were all works of art. I would have loved another two days to see everything.

Beautiful Gothic buildings are throughout the city. The building above is called Casa Batallo

We took hundreds of pictures and it is just the first leg of our trip. We are now underway to Nice, France and yes more pictures. Keep checking back I will keep posting about our trip.

Oh yes, I am always looking for dolls.....

Ok, armed with camera and ready to go....

Location:Barcelona August 19, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Key West, Florida

Frank and I spent a wonderful day in Key West, Florida July 30, 2011. We loved all the sites, shops and galleries.

Beautiful building built in 1819 Key West, Florida

Victorian home converted into restaurant

It was so hot and sunny even the dogs were wearing sunglasses :-)

Old theather converted into a drug store

St Paul Episcapol Church

Old Victorian home converted into Hard Rock Cafe

Deers run wild and very tame

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mini Vacation in Vaudreuil-Dorion

I took a "mini vacation" in my own town. It was fun discovering a new area I had never been. About an hour away from my home in the town of Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec we went to a place called Alena Kirby. Their florist area is too wonderful and they also have a very nice boutique full of all sorts of fun kitchen gadgets and bath things but the best part was the cooler full of their truffles. It was a great day of exploring new areas!