Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Faithful Friend - Murphy Rag Doll Cat

He really loves to have his pictures taken. What a ham!!!!
Murphy is 5 years old and loves to play "Hide N' Go Seek".

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Elder Elves with Peggy Wilson - Online Class

Class: Elder Elves
Instructor: Peggy Wilson
Cost: $60.00 for 5 lessons
Starting Date: May 4, 2010
The Elder Elves are a brotherhood of the world’s most senior (in age as well as stature) elves,. They gather every 3.333 years to discuss the global status of elfdom, plan future good works and generally pontificate on life as they have seen it. Dressed in typical elf garb of breeches and turned up shoes, they flaunt their status in ornately embellished cloaks and are inordinately proud of their flowing white hair, beards and moustaches.

The Elder Elf stands about 9” tall and is self supporting. He is fully wired and has articulated fingers which make for posing options. His face is extensively needle sculpted beneath his beard, moustache and eyebrows. His clothing includes a long sleeved “buttoned up” shirt, breeches with “buttons” at the knee and front opening and a cloak that has been designed for elaborate embellishment. His leather shoes have turned up toes and on his head he wears an ear flapped stocking cap.

The student will be guided through the fabric and template/pattern preparation and the sewing of the various body parts.
They will then create the individual limb armature, stuff the body and limbs, needle sculpt the head insert the eyes and apply the eyelids and then apply ‘make up’, hair, beard and moustache. After sewing the figure together so he will stand (or be posed) the student will create the clothing for their own individual Elder Elf.
Options will be discussed throughout the class for alternative construction techniques, needle sculpting, costuming, etc.


-Students will learn about fabric selection for the Elder Elf.
-They will learn how to quickly and easily transfer the pattern onto freezer paper and prepare the templates/patterns for sewing.
-They will be guided through the sewing of all body parts, including the tiny hands
and feet.
-The students will learn how to create individual limb armature which will allow the figure to stand alone or be posed.
-Students will learn extensive needle sculpting to create a lower lip as well as a large well defined nose and cheeks.
-They will learn how to apply the glass eyes and cloth eyelids.
-They will learn how to use their figure’s head to create a pattern for a wig (hair piece), moustache and beard.
- Students will learn to create the clothing for their figures using usual, and not so usual sewing techniques.
-Students will learn how to make a simple leather shoe.

Online Class Starting Up Soon

Gourd Penguins with Martha Boers - Online Classes at

Class: Gourd Penguin
Instructor: Martha Boers
Cost: $35 for 3 lessons
Starting Date: May 5, 2010

In this project, we will be creating a penguin from an egg gourd. Make just one, or create an entire colony!
After cleaning and preparing the gourd, the penguin features will be sculpted onto the gourd with Paperclay over glued-on cardboard additions. After drying and sanding, we will paint the penguin with acrylics to resemble either a Chinstrap or Emperor Penguin. Detailed instructions will be given for both species.

Finished size: 4-6" depending on size of gourd

Week One: Cleaning and prepping the gourd, attaching the base, and sculpting the feet and tail.
Week Two: Sculpting the head and wings.
Week Three: Painting and finishing.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Indy Club Doll Makers - Creative Costuming Workshop

Floating Sculpture - Indianapolis, Indiana

Picture taken at the Indianapolis Airport.
It was such a treat to see this floating sculpture in the parking lot building. There are opportunities everywhere to capture
something special with a camera.