Sunday, January 31, 2010

Broadway Bears XIII

This is my second year participating in the Broadway Bears Benefit. Starting bid on my bear is $500.00. Go take a look at all the wonderful bears:

Victor/Victoria was auctioned for $1,100.00

It’s a show within a show and a character within a
character… within a character, when Julie Andrews plays Victoria playing Victor playing Marie Antoinette in the lavish “ Louis XVI” production number. Whew! Her elaborate period costume begins with a gold metallic and white brocade corset trimmed with gold metallic ribbon, white pearl braid, silk chiffon sleeves, three different widths of white lace, sheer trim with ribbon threaded through it, Austrian crystals on the front, gold lacing up the back and hand dyed rosettes. Her white silk chiffon skirt is supported by handmade wire panniers wrapped in satin ribbon and embellished with white feather boa and more rosettes like the ones on her corset and on her metallic gold ribboned shoes. Her fluffy silk chiffon headdress is built on a metallic gold lamé base that has a Velcro opening on the side so that at the climax of the number “Marie” can reveal that she is a he, with a sleek brown felt masculine wig underneath. Even the stand is handmade to show off this winner and the eyebrows sport the same glitter as Miss Andrews did making her, him, er her definitely Le Jazz Hot!


Signed by: Julie Andrews

My Broadway Bear from last year was Merlyn:

Broadway Bear XII
Once you encounter this magical Merlyn Bear - armatured, posable and poised on his turf-covered custom-made base - you’ll come away with a whole new appreciation for the power of crystal! Created from a sketch of the Broadway original, the wizard of the realm is lavishly
draped in a deep forest-green velvet robe embossed all over with stars and magical circles, sprinkled with hand-beaded Swarovski AB crystals, lined with gold lamé - and, in the sleeves, with a metallic gold-and-green crinkle fabric. 2 ¼" panels of sage Dupioni silk edge the robe openings and a 3 ¼" panel runs down the back as well. Additionally, the robe is trimmed out with metallic seed beads on the edges and gold metallic threads tipped with French knots down the front. Around his middle - a hand-dyed light-green belt with a vintage emblem adorned with Swarovski crystals. His high-collared, flowing cape is made from imported gold mesh generously beaded-and-sequined (primarily in shades of lilac) with a delicate leaf-and-flower motif and accented with more Swarovski crystals. His undergarment is a pair of sage Dupioni boxers. On his feet are caramel-colored, suede custom boots. His magical staff is hand-sculpted from clay, painted in gold and embedded with Swarovski crystals. An amber glass globe sits atop it, topped with Swarovski crystals. Those long, crimped mohair locks have been hand-dyed in a pale green and sprinkled with glitter and diamond Swarovski crystals. He even wears a multi-color Rivoli Swarovski crystal (27 mm in diameter) encased in hand-beaded Swarovski AB fuchsia crystals. It doesn’t take a wizard to see the magic of Camelot in this creation!


With special thanks to: Desmond Heeley (costume sketch)
Signed By: Julie Andrews

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