Sunday, April 11, 2010

Online Class Starting Up Soon

Gourd Penguins with Martha Boers - Online Classes at

Class: Gourd Penguin
Instructor: Martha Boers
Cost: $35 for 3 lessons
Starting Date: May 5, 2010

In this project, we will be creating a penguin from an egg gourd. Make just one, or create an entire colony!
After cleaning and preparing the gourd, the penguin features will be sculpted onto the gourd with Paperclay over glued-on cardboard additions. After drying and sanding, we will paint the penguin with acrylics to resemble either a Chinstrap or Emperor Penguin. Detailed instructions will be given for both species.

Finished size: 4-6" depending on size of gourd

Week One: Cleaning and prepping the gourd, attaching the base, and sculpting the feet and tail.
Week Two: Sculpting the head and wings.
Week Three: Painting and finishing.

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