Friday, May 20, 2011

Cruising To Wonderland

"Cruising To Wonderland" Feb 25, 2011
It seems like forever since I posted. Time really gets away and before your know it 2 months have gone and I haven't posted anything in my blog. Ok, for the next couple of days I will try to update everyone on what is going on my art world.

First I would like to start by sharing some pictures from the cruise in February
"Cruising to Wonderland" ten glorious days of teaching on the cruise ship Royal Caribbean with Patti Culea and Cyndi Mahlstadt. Each teacing our on project to 24 students Patti taught "Maddie Haddie", Cyni taught "Alice and Garden" and I taught the "Queen of Tarts". Are we going to do another cruise?!?! You betcha! Look for more informaiton for the cruise in 2013. More details to come.

Pincushion that all the students and teachers received from Patti. I just love mine!

"Queen of Tarts" By Me :-)

"Alice & Garden" By Cyndi

"Maddie Hattie" By Patti

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